How To Get Traffic From Error Pages

Approaching other sites to include your link on their Thank you. Confirmation, and Error pages is a very effective method to generate traffic.

There is a very effective technique to generate traffic available to almost everyone but exploited by a mere few. You probably already know about putting links to your site or products on your Thank You pages and Confirmation pages. You may even put links to specific affiliate products on these pages.

But have you ever considered approaching OTHER sites and asking for a link on THEIR Confirmation and Thank You pages? You may be surprised at how many webmasters of specialized content sites would be delighted to offer you space on one of these pages – especially if you offer them an incentive, like a cash payment, a plug in your ezine, or a free sample of your product.

A variation of this involves “404 Error” pages. If you find a site that you feel could send you good, targeted traffic, ask if they’d like a sample of your product in return for letting you create a custom 404 error page for them. It can be a simple page with just a few links: one back to their home page, one to yours, and one to some kind of special discount offer or other incentive on your site.

This technique works best with sites that are noncommercial in nature. There are thousands of sites, created and maintained by enthusiasts of all sorts, that aren’t designed to make money. Many blogs fit into this category. They may be about a hobby, a religion, a sport, or an idea. They may exist just for fun. They may be a venue for someone’s original stories or poetry.

But if their owners have access to their server, and create their own pages, you may be able to “bribe” them into sending you targeted traffic by sharing a bit of unused space with your links or offers.

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